yykoder culture

yykoder culture

Cape spirit
Integrity, pragmatic, innovation.

The company goal

Continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

The company vision

Through high quality products, to create rich and harmonious society.
Basic idea cape
1, abide by the laws and regulations at home and abroad, through an open and fair business activities so as to ensure that corporate citizen with the whole society trust.
2, to provide high quality products for the mission, through all the activities of enterprise, continuing to create maximum value for customers, And let our employees, shareholders, and our life and work of the society more rich, more harmonious.
3, in all fields to develop and research the most advanced technology.
4, to trust each other, share responsibilities, on the basis of construction to play a maximum individual creativity and team strength of corporate culture.

Company values

We firmly believe that cape company all staff is always the most valuable wealth. We attract and recruit the best talent; Selection, promotion and reward outstanding staff and not affected by any factors unrelated to job performance.

The company principle
Company basic philosophy and values from the following principles:
A, integrity, integrity is our first principle
Our behavior integrity, ashamed of dishonesty.
Second, we respect every employee
We believe that every employee can and willing to play to their maximum potential.
We value every employee differences. We inspire and help the staff to achieve higher expectations, standards, and challenging goals.
Third, company and individual interests
We believe that honesty and integrity in business development for the company to do the right thing, will bring the common success to companies and individuals.
The pursuit of common success will we closely together.
Fourth, innovation is the foundation of our success
We take very seriously technology, product innovation.
We challenge stereotypes, and constantly develop new working methods, so as to win more success in the market.
We are opposed to dogmatism, bookish, narrow empiricism.
Five, we aim to be the best
We strive for in the company all the strategy focus on doing your best.
We controlled the company inside and outside of the highest standard to measure our performance seriously.
We are good at from the past experience and lesson in the success and failure.
Six, we attach importance to the change of external environment and development
We strive to understand customers and their needs best.
We develop close and mutually beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers.
Our company is a legal person has the best quality.
Seven, we pay special attention to the wisdom of the team
All the wisdom of the individual is limited, only give full play to the wisdom of the group can do make mistakes, less success.
Eight, rigorous, pragmatic manner to carry out our work
We believe that success comes from details, tactical to care.
We are opposed to talk the talk, against all kinds of formalism.
Nine, we advocate independent active efforts in their work
As long as good for customers and cape, we are all free to offer ideas and decisively to implement.
Ten, everyone dare to bear responsibility
Everyone is responsible for their actions, and understand the consequences of a larger scope.

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